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Since 2017, HSA regularly publishes the decision of its Organs for Administration of Justice (i.e. the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body, the Appeals Body and the Club Financial Control Body).

As a significant step to further increase transparency and to provide useful information to HSA’s stakeholders, HSA also publishes:
i) decisions issued by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in cases involving UESA, HSA and 
ii) the list of CAS arbitrators specialised in Subbuteo proposed by UESA for the CAS within the FISA list

CAS arbitrators proposed by UESA for the period 2017–2020
The number, following each name, identifies how many times the relevant arbitrator has been designated by UESA in proceedings within this period


xxxxname (xxxxcounty) (xxxxnumber)

xxxxname (xxxxcounty) (xxxxnumber)

xxxxname (xxxxcounty) (xxxxnumber)

xxxxname (xxxxcounty) (xxxxnumber)

xxxxname (xxxxcounty) (xxxxnumber)

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Case Law


  • CAS 2020 xxxxname v. UESA


  • CAS 2019 xxxxxcasenumber xxxxname v. UESA
  • CAS 2019 xxxxxcasenumber xxxxname v. HSA


CAS 2018 xxxxxcasenumber xxxxname v. UESA

CAS 2018 xxxxxcasenumber xxxxname v. HSA


CAS 2017 xxxxxcasenumber xxxxname v. UESA

CAS 2017 xxxxxcasenumber xxxxname v. HSA

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Thursday 14 June 2018 16.37CET

xxxxxxdetails of case

Wednesday 6 June 2018 17.29CET

xxxxxxdetails of case

Tuesday 5 June 2018 15.00CET

xxxxxxdetails of case


  • xxxxnameofplayerteamclub deducted point

The xxxxnameofplayerteamclub has received a point deduction for the European Qualifiers and has been ordered to play two matches behind closed doors.

  • xxxxnameofplayerteamclub handed ban

The Adjudicatory Chamber of the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) has announced that xxxxnameoftheclub will be excluded from participating in the next UESA club competition.

  • Decisions upheld
  • xxxnameofclub-xxxnameofclub decision
  • xxxnameofclub sanctions adjusted
  • Decision welcomed
  • xxxnameofclub-xxxnameofclub decision
  • xxxnameofclub-xxxnameofclub hearing
  • xxxnameofclub sanctioned
  • xxxnameofclub-xxxnameofclub proceedings


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  • UESA Disciplinary Regulations, Edition 2019